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A BLOGGER I am not

While I love writing, I apparently am not great at blogging! I leave a lot of my Facebook postings public on my own private page, https://www.facebook.com/michelle.tessaro

so really if anyone wanted to know the thoughts and heartbeat of this Photographer, they could do that. Of course my Photography page is public https://www.facebook.com/MichellesLens/

One of the recent things I have been trying to do is a bit more with #fineartportraits .

It involves a bit more work, a bit more editing, but the results can be quite nice...

There is a fine line between charging too much for the work a Photographer does, and not charging enough. I have raised my prices almost every year that I have been doing Photography. My #Kansas clients appreciate the time I spend editing images, and they know I regularly upgrade the equipment I use, and that is reflected in my images. I give a good number of edited images when the session is done, and I am one of very few Photographers who give free printed images with their work. That added value is the reason you will enjoy working with Michelle's Lens Photography.

Meet my Assistant, Marcella!

When you are getting #married, you may prefer that I bring a "second shooter" along. The additional charge of $40.00 per hour is well worth it when you have a lot of guests, and a lot of details that you want captured. It results in a large number of extra #wedding images of your special day. I tend to stick with the #Bride and #Groom and my Assistant does a lot of the other work. Marcella does all of her own editing so her style will add a whole new dimension to your #weddingportfolio.

Below, is a picture of my father and myself. Yes, the Photographer needs a new headshot! My Dad, Joseph Michael #Bunij Sr. LOVED photography. I remember borrowing his 35 mm Film camera years ago. It is then that I fell in love with the art. I worked in radio for many years before going into photography full time. I started at #WMIQ in Iron Mountain Michigan. I was there when they put their FM station #WIMK on the air. I was known as Michelle #Bunij back then, pronounced #MichelleBunny. I have worked doing #voiceovers as well, additionally I have worked at #WAGN radio Menominee Michigan, #WMAM #WLST in Marinette Wisconsin, where I met my husband. I taught #broadcasting at #Columbiaschoolofbroadcasting in Memphis Tennessee. That was before they went bankrupt under the owner of that particular franchise. I thought I had really arrived when I went to work for #IRN the #InformationRadioNetwork which also later closed when the government learned the owner was running a ponzi scheme! Before leaving radio I was working in Clay Center Kansas at #KCLY an FM station, as News Director. We had a sister station housed there as well, #KFRM, an Ag-Talk station.

#michellebunij #michellebunny

In any case, it is nice to be self-employed now.

You now know more about me than you had ever hoped!

One of the other things I have been doing is personal #interviews with people who want to record their #oralhistory. It is a very gratifying job. If they like I also include a printed book with images from their #familyhistory . Feel free to ask me about these services if you like.

My phone number is 785-630-0750

I look forward to chatting with you next time you need a #KansasPhotographer,

a #weddingphotographerinkansas

a #childphotographerinkansas

or need a #businessheadshot.

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